Since 2004, the Rotary Club of Kew has provided on-going humanitarian and development support to this emerging Nation, details of which may be found elsewhere on this website. However, right now there is an urgent need for extra support resulting from the catastrophic floods and landslides in recent days.
Many homes and workshops have been flooded or washed away. See video from our Directors home. So many homes have no nothing left, and cms of mud remain to clean out. We have a network which will provide “job keeper” style payments to staff so that they can purchase food when it becomes available. We have established networks which can procure food for Dili Hospital and other national hospitals. However, families are in dire need of medical support, food and clean water. We are packing and sending aid in containers and will staff a water well supplying clean spring water from the community well Rotary Kew has built in Taibessi Dili.

To continue this vital support, we urgently need extra funds.  You can help make a difference to the lives of those affected by making a Tax Deductible donation to this work via the Donate Button.

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