Kor Timor is all about job creation and training in Timor Leste. It is a central part of the Rotary Club of Kew's economic development project setting up enterprises in soap making, paper making, packaging, 2 x sewing rooms, panel beating, horticulture, organic oil pressing, and supporting traditional weaving from 9 districts. 100% of funds raised remains in Timor-Leste as each enterprise is self sustained and we provide training and expansion capital.

Through this project the 100 plus workers and their extended family are afforded over 1000 meals every day, and this has been sustained for 10 years. Kor Timor supports over 25 staff to have sustainable and meaningful employment and is now fully managed by local Timor Leste people.

Timor Leste was devastated in its bid for independence in 1999, and is slowly rebuilding from the ashes, as the world 2nd newest nation.

To purchase products, get involved, sponsor an enterprise, use these speaker gifts, corporate gifts for businesses wishing to demonstrate their corporate social responsibilities, and conference bags, goods etc. contact Jill Forsyth.

RC Kew Project completed in Timor Leste with support of a TRF District Grant.

Through the fund raising efforts at the Rotary Club of Kew Fair Trade and Gift Shop at 650 High St Kew East, and with the support of The Rotary Foundation, we were able to train four young Timorese workers to establish an Online Shop in Timor Leste.

Through a young start up business in Kew, CMBG, Grace and Melrick supported our Timorese team throughout the whole process, setting up the Shopify online shop initially, then training the Timorese through meetings on What’s Ap to populate and manage the cataloguing and pricing.

This is the first such facility in Timor Leste supplying access to traditional crafts for the expat/ diaspora  communities, and Timorese Embassies across the world.

The number of artisans and management directly supported was 20, so this meant that 20 families had job security while tourism had ceased through Covid. These workers support their whole families of at least 10 including kids, elderly and siblings and their families, through providing at least 2 meals per day. So during the project period, by sustaining their jobs, we have provided 400 meals per day, which over a six month period, equates to over 73,000 meals, plus the dignity of being able to educate their children, and pay for electricity.

Take a look at their work at www.kortimor.com

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